Run Dungeon Run : The Best Running Games
Run Dungeon Run : The Best Running Games
Run Dungeon Run : The Best Running Games
Run Dungeon Run : The Best Running Games


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The lost jungle, the dark forest, the magic castle, and the mysterious dungeon, how far can you run?
Run Dungeon Run! Is a 3D HD running game. You can enjoy running on many HD running scenes such as dungeons, old castles, jungle, forests and so on. Come to challenge the farthest distance,  and become the ultimate runner of this adventure!
Heroes, it is said that there is a huge treasure hiding in the deepest dungeon. You can't hesitate to explore and find out the dungeon treasure. The only thing you can do is to run to the destination. What can help you to solve the mystery? The answers are your courage and the unremitting pursuit to the gold.
The deepest dungeon means the most amazing adventure, and you will be a madman to chase the gold and excitement. Run as fast as you can, and become the final runner, keeping away from the danger. The ice piton in the cliff, the sinks in the dungeon and the faults on the cliffs will keep you out of this crazy adventure at any time. 
Simple game play, slide to the left and right to control the hero to move, slide up and down to avoid obstacles from all sides, and collect more props boxes and crystals can help you to unlock more powerful roles and super heroes, which can help you to run further.
Extreme speed is your goal. Time is pressing. If you want to find the final dungeon within the shortest time, you have to improve your ability and to prove that you are the most powerful hero.
In this amazing adventure, full of dangerous cliffs, chains, forests, and mysterious dungeons, how far can you run?

Game features:
The perfect snow scene and the smooth running feeling
Endless running model
Explore the deepest dungeon
Many heroic roles
The pleasure of running at the extreme speed
A big runway comparable to the mountain road




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