Girlfriend Breakup Story - Teen Love Choices
Girlfriend Breakup Story - Teen Love Choices


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Love is a puzzle that hit every young boy and girl in high schools! This story starts with Kate at high school rugby match with Jack! 

Kate got into first sight crush for Jack muscular play on field. And Kate find her way close to Jack in the classrooms all the way. Finally Kate got to know Jack’s love for her in his locker full with pictures of her. 

Kate wants Jack to feel special by decorating special cake for his Birthday! As they have been together for 3 months and this is Jack's first birthday together. But she caught Jack proposing the junior Julia! She can’t believe it! And Her BFF Harley is now so upset.

What would you do if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you?
Heartbreak? Tears all-day? Close yourself into the room?

Lucky Kate, she still has her BFFs, Harley and Sophia. They are always there for her. They are on mission to helped Kate get back on feet. Get her back in high school and show Jack place where he belongs. Make Kate happy girl again. Get her best uniform outfits to wear.

Now, Kate is strong and happy again. She is so grateful to have Harley and Sophia as BFFs. And they plan to go this year's prom night with full glitter ON!! 

Looks Like Jack have realized his mistake and he wants to move on with Kate! Should Kate forgive him? What should she make sure? Jack is telling true this time? Uncover the full story by downloading and playing this game.

More Love episodes will be on your way Soon!!!


> Decorate Cake and Get ready to meet Jack
> Heartbroken Healing time with BFFs
> Get over Jack and be the babe again
> Make Jack jealous with moves
> Prom Night Plannings 
> Play epic Teen Choices Play!



Minor changes.




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