Mega Ramp V5
Mega Ramp V5


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Mega Ramp V5 :

Enjoy the thrill of the Mega Ramp V5  in this racing car simulator! Ride your muscle cars in Mega Ramp V5 on the deadly track and prove yourself as the best driver.Grab your favorite vehicle and start your car racing game now with the biggest ramps ever! Perform the crazy, thrilling and stunts by playing impossible driving games in the challenging and dangerous tracks. 

When reach the end of the track, jump off the edge in a parachute! You must climb the mega ramp with the highest speed, control the speed and jump off the track to land in a parachute. It needs extreme driving skills to drive safely on tricky and curvy paths. While climbing up on new grand vertical tracks you need to avoid the impossible falls.

Grab the guts to perform crazy stunts! Remember you need to tighten your cars seat belt while climbing massive heights without falling down otherwise you will lose. Be careful on the edges of each road. Complete your level carefully and successfully to unlock the next challenging mission. 

Mega Ramp V5  Game Features:

- Realistic physics and controls.
- Sky high ramps with different angles.
- The roads are different from all other car racing games.
- Smooth cars controls and addictive gameplay.
- Stunning 3D path and scary circuits to explore.




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