Super Dunk 3V3
Super Dunk 3V3


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THIS IS A REAL STREETBALL GAME. A great combination of American Streetball culture and Sports game. Designed with elements like American comic,raw Hip-Pop, and animation, various game-play, simple and fun to play, you will never get bored. Player’s career planing mode, exhibit your basketball skills either with system itself or with your pal mode, 3V3 matching, One-on-One and ranking modes. You can choose from six characters,your favorite players of all the stars, and customize ball skin. All servers are fully merged, no boundaries for different platforms and different devices. ELO equally matching system, real-time battle, say no to console. Enjoy basketball fun without limits.
【Real-time Battles】
Real-time matching,and real-time PK, multi-touch control system, you can either get into ONE-ON-ONE battle or 3V3. Tap and release the coolest skills.
【All Servers Merged】
Not enough pals, not enough opponents! No way! It is time to BREAK the limits. Introducing the hottest matching system-All server PK, No limits on your challenge. Play with your friends or not! 
【Massive Collection of Heroes 】
Still pay to train your Heroes? Still only be able to choose ONE Heroes all the way down? Get rid of those basketball irrelevant nonsense!  Collect and switch to any players anytime. NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Become the next Super Star. Build your ultimate dream basketball team!
【Loads of Skins】
Stunning skins to show your personality. Different jerseys, various styles, loads skin’s themes. You can find whatever you want!
【Create your Basketball Club】
Join the Club, you will never fight alone! Or make your own one, co-op with your teammates, unlock more features. Endless fun and rewards!
【Outstanding Graphics】
This game will DEFFO take you a tour from Modern Blocks, Locker Park, to Sunshine and palm beach. No more tedious setting. Every setting is a visual feast. Discover impressive visual now .




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