Reverse Tales of Genji : Free romance otome games
Reverse Tales of Genji : Free romance otome games
Reverse Tales of Genji : Free romance otome games
Reverse Tales of Genji : Free romance otome games


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Secret rendezvous.
You lose yourself in love with him...

A world where gender roles are reversed.

Stories of love that are sensual yet sweet and intense,
like a love that defies social status, a secret love, a passionate love.

The music and illustrations throughout the stories are done
in Japanese style!

The aura of ancient Kyoto is captured perfectly.

❖Strong points
✦Read 5 episodes(chapters) every day for FREE!
✦You can get more hearts by just watching ads!
✦Unlike other otome games(choice game), this one has no missions/checkpoints!
✦You can read the whole story without recurring to in-app purchases!
✦Choices you make don't affect the ending
✦Great ikemen cgs
✦You can re-read the stories anytime
✦An exciting English anime love games that lets you fall in love
 with the hottest guys you've ever seen!

❖Love stories

"I won't let any other man touch you."

It is the Heian Era, and it is an age where women rule.
In order to forget the man you love, you engage in a "diversion."
One day, a man you meet seduces you with just a word...

Where does this love lead...?

❖Here are the handsome guys you can choose from!

A modest and gentle man.
"Please find pleasure in me...Yugao."

Broad-minded, but he can be very jealous.
"Tonight, I shall instruct you."

A happy-go-lucky man who can be very forceful.
"You came because you longed to be in my arms, didn't you?"

❖Recommended for you if...
✦If you love Japanese attire, traditions and history,
 and fantasize about a fateful love with a historical figure.
✦You like Japanese dating games and otome games.
✦You are looking for a drama app for girls, for romantic manga, novels etc.
✦You are looking for a anime love games where you can experiment sweet
 and passionate kisses.
✦You want a dating sim with beautiful illustrations where you
 get to kiss many ikemen guys.

❖Supported language
English, French, German

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Instagram: otomegames_ciagram
Twitter: @Otomegamesinfo

❖Basic Information
✦Free installation
✦Free basic play

✦Uninstalling the app or clearing the cache will reset player data.
✦This game will not work offline. Make sure you have an internet connection when you play.
✦Update your device's software to version 5.0 or later to play.

❖Terms of service

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